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The Peaceful Driving for Money

As I went through the education system, I always knew that I was not the brightest of minds of the best learner compared to my classmates, but I had always been one of the more adventurous of people. I loved spending my days after school frolicking through fields exploring what my small town had to offer and finding beauty wherever I could. I adored the act of exploration, and I likened myself to one of those early explorer types, like Louis and Clark, or Ferdinand Magellan. I had always felt that when I grew up, I wanted to see what else there was to be seen on this Earth.

After caring less about high school and having no aspirations to go to college, I was stuck at home trying to figure out what kind of career suited my habits best. That’s what led me to trucking. I lived near one of the main highways in Kentucky, and had always seen at all parts of the day, truckers driving the roads. It did not matter if it was sunny, cloudy, rainy,or snowing, there were truckers on that road, day and night. I recognized some of the trucks that were regulars on the highway by my house, and I begun to realize that there were basically two different categories of truckers. There were those that went somewhat local to the town, where they would start at one part of a city, drive around to many of the nearby cities delivering whatever was on their freight, and then they would return to wherever they started, and come back again for their next shift. Then, there were the trucker types who drove long distances across the nation, sleeping on the road, and waking up to go right back to work driving across the beautiful country of the United States.

i want my freedom 

I thought the truck drivers that drove across the country had a fascinating job, and I thought this would be a great career that I could certainly enjoy doing for a long period of time. So I set out to get my class A drivers license, then begun looking for a trucking company that would hire me on to carry shipments across the United States of America. Luckily, there are tons of companies who are actually searching for the kind of person that wants to travel long distances and sleep on the road. The first company that hired me told me that there were surprised I wanted to and was so willing to go on these long explorations from one coast to the other and back again. I told them that exploring was my passion, and to sen me on the wildest trips all across the country.driving fairfield bridge

My first few weeks on the job were exactly how I had imagined it would be. I hoped in my truck, and drove for about 14 hours, sleep for 8, and then continue driving for another 14 hours, then back to sleep again. This rotation of sleep and work really worked out well for me because I was able to see so much of the country at different times of the day. I was working on 22 hour days, so each day, I would be experiencing a shift of 2 hours from the previous day, and it sure was exciting getting to see the country in many different kinds of lights.

After a couple years of doing this, I was finally able to put some of my thoughts that I had on the road into word form, and I would love to share it with you all in the upcoming articles.


Traveling across the country for a living. I drive trucks all across the United States of America, and when I'm not in my truck driving across the nation, my vacations are spent driving my Pathfinder coast to coast.

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