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Truck drivers live a totally different life than the majority of the population. Rather than work a 9-6 and settle down at your house and be able to unwind, our everyday lifestyle is work. The pay benefits can be greater than a job with the amount of skills necessary to work it, but it truly is another kind of experience.

I, like most truck drivers love the jobs. We do this job for different reasons than each other, but many who I talk to while out on the road, I find out that there is a common adoration for exploration. That really is the reason I got into truck driving.

I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, but every chance I got during my childhood, I spent it exploring the world around me. I always was a freethinking kind of mind, and I never considered sitting in a house, or any kind of building for that matter, so schooling was never a passion of mine, rather, my true self wanted to be checking out the rest of the environment rather than just my local towns and normal traditional city scape. I love to stumble upon different kinds of animals and insects that you normally did not see dwelling the cities. Once you step out to the true nature, away from all the areas that humanity has had a large influence on (which is a lot of them), you begin to really see what kind of nature is out there to be seen.

Most people growing up never get the chance to leave their town and really get to experience true nature. Even many of the “touristy” spots, which I would ever consider campgrounds and trails to be, they have certainly been influenced and the creatures are a little less surprised to see you. My favorite kinds of places to go check out as the wildlife that was tens of miles off of the beaten path. This is where the truest and most exquisite nature lies, at least I believe it to be that way.

As a trucker, we were required to be off of the road for at least 8 hours a day resting. When you start messing with sleep, it can really change how a person can keep control of their vehicle on the road and prevent themselves from crashing, or swerving off of the road. But since I had, and still have such a love for checking things out that were off of the beaten path, I wanted to find more time in my day to still get the sleep necessary to function, while still being able to go out and see the world.

When you spend most of your day in the truck, your days start to blend together, and unless you have something to do or think about when you are driving, it can be a pretty boring experience. Since I knew I could not read, I either listened to audio books, or youtube seminars. The changing point in my life happened when I hear about the sleep schedules of some of the greatest humans that have ever been on this Earth. People like Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Nikolas Tesla. They had a completely different sleep schedule than your average human, and it surely helped them accomplish the things that they wanted in life. After learning of this, I began pursuing it, and I will share with you what this sleep schedule entailed, how it affected me, and how much it actually changed my life.



Traveling across the country for a living. I drive trucks all across the United States of America, and when I'm not in my truck driving across the nation, my vacations are spent driving my Pathfinder coast to coast.

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