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Polyphasic Sleep Schedules

Going about my trucking lifestyle, I felt it was pretty essential to be getting my 14 hours on the road per day, and I was given about 10 hours a day to use how I pleased, and most people spent their time on break eating, relaxing, and of course, the most essential part of these long breaks, sleeping.

On my long breaks, I would spend about 7 hours of it sleeping while the other part of those 3 hours trecking out to the outer environments to see what kind of nature awaited me in each part of the states that I ventured throughout on my routes. These were the moments that I cherished the most, and the whole reason I got myself into the trucking business. There were not too many jobs, and still are not too many jobs where you can do a lot of traveling to various different states and have the chance to go out and explore what other kinds of animals, plants, and other organisms were out there and differed compared to the environments that you are used to.

exploring nor cal

One particular experience that actually helped changed what kind of life I lived happened when I was exploring some outer forest in Northern California. I was about 5 miles away from my truck, somewhat isolated when I ran into another person out in the middle of the forest. For some reason, it appeared he was just waking up from a nap and saw me approaching his area.

I said to him “I don’t run into too many people out on my explorations, what brings you out here, a nap?” He told me he was actually taking a break from cleaning area rugs and wanted to take one of his 6 naps out in peace in the forest, and it was something that he regularly did.

This intrigued me, so I continued with my line of questioning and asked, “6 naps, why do you take so many in the day?”

“You may not believe this, but I take 6 20 minute naps every day, and that is all the sleep I get.”

After doing a quick bit of math in my head, I figured this amounted to 2 total hours of sleep. “How is that possible that you sleep so little?”

“It’s called the uberman sleep schedule. Some people and scientists believe that REM sleep is the necessary sleep cycle you need to repair your brain and body, and REM sleep is all I get with 20 minute naps.”

“What was it that made you learn about that kind of sleep schedule?”

“I was reading a biography of the life of Albert Einstein, and it mentioned he participated in this manner of sleep. After doing some research I discovered the same case with popular successful people Nikolas Tesla, Henry Ford, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Thomas Edison. I figured if it had anything to do with the level of success they had in their life I wanted to see if I could acclimate to that type of sleep schedule. I figured if they are only sleeping 2 hours a day, and have the ability to work for 22 hours a day, that definitely had to have factored into their level of success.”

Triggers were going off in my brain, and I had always wished there were more hours in the day to go out and explore more of the nature that was around me. My next question that he answered was the one that changed my life.

“So how do you do the uberman sleep schedule.”

“Well, it starts like this…”

To be continued…

northern california


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