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Overhearing an Opportunity

When I was sitting in a Starbucks cafe, just like many of the coffee shops around the country, it is very full with business type minds and an assortment of hustlers who are pumped up from their caffeine highs.

While I was sitting in this shop, at a table behind where I was located, it sounded like a business meeting was about to take place. An older gentleman sounded like he was coaching a younger apprentice on how to control the upcoming appointment, and specifically the questions to go over with the person who was going to come in. It did not sound like an interview was about to take place, so I was very interested and kept a keen ear open to see if I could get any more details about the affair before the person whom their appointment was with walked in.

starbucks life

There discussion revolved around topics of, “how are we going to help this guy get more money,” and “what are we going to promise him that we can do to make sure he makes his money.”

This interested me heavily, it sounded like these two guys were going to help whoever was about to walk in make more money than he already is.

When the man walked in, ready for his appointment, he sat down and asked the two gentleman what they wanted to talk about.

starbucks meeting

The two gentleman went into a discussion talking about what they felt like the one guy could work on to improve how much more money he is taking in every month. They told him that he is only talking to less than 50 people per week, and if he was able to up those numbers, he could be doubling his income every month. 

I thought to myself, “how the heck can someone double their income every month, what is it that these people are doing?” I assumed they meant going from $500, to $1,000, and from there on out. But then, I heard the man who walked in say that he was pretty content making $10k a month.  He said he was tired of getting pushed around when he was already so successful and making his calls each week allowed him to close a couple customers and improve his income, and still give him time to hang out with friends and family regularly.

The two gentleman were really trying to stroke the man’s ego letting him know his full potential, but the guy was having none of it, and promptly excused himself and left the building. As soon as he walked out the door, I jumped into his seat and told the two guys, “whatever it takes to work for you and double my income, I’ll do it.”

At this point, the two guys didn’t even change attitudes, they seemed accustomed to this kind of charade, and proceeded to ask a couple questions about myself, and the lifestyle I currently lived. I told them what I do as a truck driver, and how much extra time I have in my day to hustle if necessary. I also told them I wanted to learn how to sell on the phone so I could sell while driving on the road, and while I was exploring. They were actually pretty impressed with my attitude, and started to spill the beans a little bit on what they did.

They told me there were a network marketing company, which I’ve heard can be somewhat cutthroat. They were telling me that they make their money of recruits, but it is so much easier to recruit people when you are a master salesman and you can teach other people how to sell as well. And, if you are proving to your downline that you can sell well, then it is that much easier to convince them to start selling for you and earning you money.

network marketing

This was the first opportunity to present itself after I decided I wanted to create enough income for myself to go start exploring more frequently. And the possibility of getting residual income really appealed to me. I told them again, “whatever it takes, I’m already there.”


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