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More Time For It All

With my new sleep schedule beginning to be taken under my grasp more recently, I’ve been able to add a lot more activities to my day, which honestly has seemed to make things more fulfilling. Rather than spending maybe 3 hours doing things each day other than truck driving and sleeping, I get on average 9 hours extra a day to add to my schedule.

With this time, I have found that exploration is a blast, but I still want to feel a bit more fulfilled in my life, and actually want to accomplish something. While the therapeutic effects and the peace of mind is very important that I get from being one with nature, I think I could have the opportunity one day to cut the truck driving out of my life and spend weeks at a time exploring instead of just parts of days. That soon became my ultimate goal.

Since I was not a really academaniac, I had a lot to learn if I really did want to make it i  n this world. My little knowledge was only going to take me so far, and I wanted to actually acquire more. I hooked my truck up with a portable WiFi dock, and began browsing the internet at just about any spot I was on the road. This allowed me to gain an advantage over my younger self since I now had complete access to the internet and there was a fortune of knowledge to be gained from it.

portable wifi router

I started looking for other side hustles along my trips to see if there was a way I could easily add to my income to give me more freedom. Since I had so much time available in my day, I figured I would call around to a load of new businesses along the many freeways that I traveled and see if I could work for someone anytime I was in the area. Not many businesses liked this idea, until I found a job with a guy who employed contractors across the nation at his company ConcreteDrivewaysContractor.com . Anytime I was in California, there were a litany of jobs to swing by and help on throughout the day, and I would start to spend my available times when I knew I would be in the area earning a little bit of extra dough, which I deemed as possibly the start of a major movement in my life.

The trucking business and concrete work really allowed me to still easily function on my newest sleeping schedule and I was still able to take advantage of the many working hours in my day. At the hourly rate of work I was doing each work, I realized that I was putting in 80-100 hours of work each week, which greatly influenced the amount of income I was gaining. Now that I was operating at a superb level of efficiency, I craved accomplishing even more in my day to day life.

truck driver polyphasic sleep

When behind the wheel of a truck, there is not so much you can do other than focus on the road, talk, and listen. But that was just it, I was either listening to music, podcasts, ebooks, or talk radio, or I was talking to myself. If I had an outlet of other people I could talk to, and I had a purpose for talking to people, maybe I could learn to do something else while I was behind the wheel of a vehicle.

One of the many ebooks and podcasts that I listened to always talked about hustling and grinding in life, and a person who I have recently picked up and admiration for their work was Jordan Belfort. The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort was a stock broker who created a massive company that flipped cheap stocks onto large investors and it would allow Jordan and his stock boys to earn huge cuts of the action for each one they sold. They were selling crappy stocks to people but were able to convince them that they were stocks with great potential just to get a huge cut of pie. They also facilitated in many sexcapades and illegal activity, but the point was that Jordan was a fantastic salesman, and a hustler.

jordan belfort

I was inspired by the sales tactics that Jordan had, and I realized that all that was going on in the daily life of Jordan while he was at work was that he was just on the phones all day every day. He was chitchatting away making deals and not doing much else than getting a commitment to buy on the phone.

The type of job that Jordan had was something that it is somewhat essential to have an office for, but it gave me the ideas that I could be calling people and trying to make deals, even if it meant cold calling. I did not really know where to turn, but I knew I should keep my options wide open and keep an open ear for new opportunity when I was out in the real world, just in case something might fall into my lap.

I was a a coffee shop in Stockton, CA one day, I overheard a conversation, and what I heard on that conversation, I have decided it is now something that I am going to greatly pursue.



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