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Just Started My First Go at Network Marketing

I’m sure by this time, most of you have heard about network marketing, participated in it, or at least maybe even knew a friend who was the CEO of a company but wasn’t really all that well off. Well yeah, that’s probably network marketing. The thing people get a bad taste in their mouth with it is because there are so many people who join, but just are not cut out for it, and then give the industry a bad name. If you cannot sell to strangers, there is no reason you should be trying to sell to your friends. After realizing what I was signing up for, I knew the only way to prove myself was to become tremendous at selling.

The key to these industries is to create a name for yourself by being a great salesman. If you have a great product, and you have the personality that can back it up, then there is no reason people would not be willing to buy. I firmly believe that to sell any product, it is all about how many offers you make, and the options you give to people. My goal for my third form of income, after truck driving and doing concrete labor, is now to become a great salesman. Luckily, all the time that I get on the road and the breaks I take leave me with nothing additional to worry about, so I began to devise how I was going to tackle this job.

To start off with, I bought a blue tooth that I would keep in my ear throughout the day, with a goal of continuing to make contact with someone throughout the day. I was determined to talk to people all over the world, and bought an international phone plan that gave me unlimited call time internationally. I downloaded a file that had millions of cell phone numbers in it, along with their first and last name, and what company they were involved with. My main target areas were all across the United States, and in the off hours, I would hit other nations, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia. Luckily the product I am selling is available in all of these other countries, so I figured I could start working on my accents while calling these companies as well.

On the road, I found out how easy it was to make this work. I programmed my blue tooth to listen to my voice commands, and I now say “Dial Next,” and it will dial the next number in a list that I download hours before, and it will also tell me the name, and the occupation of the person I am calling.

So far, shooting out of the gate, the last 3 days I have called about 500 people, and I’ve made 3 sales! This actually increased my annual income by $1,000. I am ecstatic because I am so new to this, and I have never sold anything in my life, but I feel like I am getting decent numbers already! If I could double those numbers, I will be able to soon quit my trucking job and basically do this full time. Since I am on an uberman schedule currently, and loving it by the way, there is no reason I can’t be talking to people 18 hours a day, as well as being in front of a computer perhaps emailing prospects, or even clients. I can’t wait to start talking to people on the road about this. Since it is Network Marketing, I want to prove to my future down line how capable we all are at excelling in Network Marketing, and it is all about the effort that you put into the game.


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