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How to Sleep Like an Uberman

“To sleep like an uberman, there are a couple of different routes to trick your brain and get it to adapt to these odd sleeping schedule. First, you must understand what the difference between monophasic sleep is, and what polyphasic sleep is. Monophasic sleep is the traditional style of us average working Americans that will work or go to school throughout the day, and sleep for one period during the night, usually an 8 hour period. Polyphasic sleep consists of 2 or more period of sleep during the 24 hour cycle of the day.

Some studies have shown that monophasic tend to be more tired than polyphasic sleepers due to having to stay awake for around 16 hours straight every day while polyphasic sleepers get the chance to sleep additional times during the day, albeit for a shorter period of time. When a monophasic sleeper sleeps during their one period of the day, some evidence has shown that they are in a state of very light sleep for about 70% of the time. The common polyphasic sleeper is in a deeper state of sleep and is usually able to fall asleep much faster.

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Polyphasic sleepers are in many different types of cultures throughout the world. In fact, many European countries have adapted polyphasic sleeping as the pattern of choice in their cultures. Spain in particular, will usually sleep between 12am and 6 am, and then take a 90 minute nap in the middle of the day, around 1-4pm where businesses will often close up shop to align with the polyphasic sleeping routine of the people. But, the people in Spain are more of an energetic society, part of that is due to the culture, and some of that is due to their sleep schedule, as well as on average having an additional one and a half hours to work with in their days.

There are many different types of polyphasic sleep schedules to choose from. But since you are interested in the uberman, I’ll go over how to approach that and you can do research otherwise if this one does not fit your abilities.

So how you reach the ultimate goal of only two hours of sleep a day is based on the believing that REM sleep is going to get you the rest you need to function. If you believe in this, it will go a long way for you. At the very least, know this. Monophasic sleepers average one and a half hours of REM sleep a night. Uberman sleepers average 2 hours. That is where the energy comes from and why we can still function. Now the first part of this exercise will be difficult, but is essential if you want to reach the ultimate goal.

To start your uberman schedule, you must remain awake for at least 24 hours a day, and more until you feel completely sleep deprived to the verge of passing out. Now, after you reach this state, you want to begin to nap for 20 minute period at the top of every hour for 8 straight hours. This where you begin to train your brain to make it realize that this is the only period of sleep it is going to get and it must use up that time period if it wants to rest. After that 8 hour napathon, now begins the transitioning period. You will take 12 20 minute naps a day, for 2 days, at the top of every other hour. After adapting, you will transition to 10 naps a day, then finally to 8 naps a day. The ideal nap times are at 4, 8, 12 both am and pm.

Now, be warned, this first few weeks will be hellish and you will be feeling like a zombie and have horrific thoughts, but it will pass, and you will live. After adapting, you will notice that you have the same amount, if not more energy throughout the day during your uberman schedules, the only difference is, you must take your naps, no matter what at the specified times. If you don’t you risk messing up your sleep for a week. If you can tolerate this, you will have 22 hours of working, playing, entertaining, exploring, whatever you want to do with your day, you will be able to do it. I highly suggest staying away from being too active because if you tear any muscle fibers, your body is going to want to heal itself and you could actually need to sleep longer than 20 minute time periods.

I would suggest thinking about truck driving and how much you want to be on the road during this period.

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Get ready for your life to change.”


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