Trucking Company

Just about every component of our financial system is reliant on the trucking business. The latter is a magnificent industry in which you as a truck driver can enjoy the exposed roads besides observing things absolutely anew.

At all times, I desired to hunt a livelihood in business-related truck driving. That was because my late dad used to say that among each and every manner of consignment in the marketable hauling business, the trucking segment overshadows the arena.

“Numerous vocation disciplines cannot guarantee you such immense job protection (devoid of a four year college degree) similar to the trucking business.”  He would add.

“With so many kilometers to pass through, one of the advantages of extended tow truck steering is being proficient to perceive the exquisiteness and grandeur of the United States geography and in receipt of reasonable compensation while doing so.” He would put in more.


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Just Started My First Go at Network Marketing

I’m sure by this time, most of you have heard about network marketing, participated in it, or at least maybe even knew a friend who was the CEO of a company but wasn’t really all that well off. Well yeah, that’s probably network marketing. The thing people get a bad taste in their mouth with it is because there are so many people who join, but just are not cut out for it, and then give the industry a bad name. If you cannot sell to strangers, there is no reason you should be trying to sell to your friends. After realizing what I was signing up for, I knew the only way to prove myself was to become tremendous at selling.

The key to these industries is to create a name for yourself by being a great salesman. If you have a great product, and you have the personality that can back it up, then there is no reason people would not be willing to buy. I firmly believe that to sell any product, it is all about how many offers you make, and the options you give to people. My goal for my third form of income, after truck driving and doing concrete labor, is now to become a great salesman. Luckily, all the time that I get on the road and the breaks I take leave me with nothing additional to worry about, so I began to devise how I was going to tackle this job. Read more

Overhearing an Opportunity

When I was sitting in a Starbucks cafe, just like many of the coffee shops around the country, it is very full with business type minds and an assortment of hustlers who are pumped up from their caffeine highs.

While I was sitting in this shop, at a table behind where I was located, it sounded like a business meeting was about to take place. An older gentleman sounded like he was coaching a younger apprentice on how to control the upcoming appointment, and specifically the questions to go over with the person who was going to come in. It did not sound like an interview was about to take place, so I was very interested and kept a keen ear open to see if I could get any more details about the affair before the person whom their appointment was with walked in.

starbucks life

There discussion revolved around topics of, “how are we going to help this guy get more money,” and “what are we going to promise him that we can do to make sure he makes his money.”

This interested me heavily, it sounded like these two guys were going to help whoever was about to walk in make more money than he already is.

When the man walked in, ready for his appointment, he sat down and asked the two gentleman what they wanted to talk about.

starbucks meeting

The two gentleman went into a discussion talking about what they felt like the one guy could work on to improve how much more money he is taking in every month. They told him that he is only talking to less than 50 people per week, and if he was able to up those numbers, he could be doubling his income every month.  Read more

More Time For It All

With my new sleep schedule beginning to be taken under my grasp more recently, I’ve been able to add a lot more activities to my day, which honestly has seemed to make things more fulfilling. Rather than spending maybe 3 hours doing things each day other than truck driving and sleeping, I get on average 9 hours extra a day to add to my schedule.

With this time, I have found that exploration is a blast, but I still want to feel a bit more fulfilled in my life, and actually want to accomplish something. While the therapeutic effects and the peace of mind is very important that I get from being one with nature, I think I could have the opportunity one day to cut the truck driving out of my life and spend weeks at a time exploring instead of just parts of days. That soon became my ultimate goal.

Since I was not a really academaniac, I had a lot to learn if I really did want to make it i  n this world. My little knowledge was only going to take me so far, and I wanted to actually acquire more. I hooked my truck up with a portable WiFi dock, and began browsing the internet at just about any spot I was on the road. This allowed me to gain an advantage over my younger self since I now had complete access to the internet and there was a fortune of knowledge to be gained from it.

portable wifi router

I started looking for other side hustles along my trips to see if there was a way I could easily add to my income to give me more freedom. Since I had so much time available in my day, I figured I would call around to a load of new businesses along the many freeways that I traveled and see if I could work for someone anytime I was in the area. Not many businesses liked this idea, until I found a job with a guy who employed contractors across the nation at his company . Anytime I was in California, there were a litany of jobs to swing by and help on throughout the day, and I would start to spend my available times when I knew I would be in the area earning a little bit of extra dough, which I deemed as possibly the start of a major movement in my life.

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A Change of Pace

After thanking my new friend found in the forests of Northern California, the words he spoke to me about how to polyphasic sleep and what it could do for the amount of time that I had in my day really began to resonate with me. I wondered how often had my sleeping habits kept me from doing anything and everything that I wanted to accomplish during any given time period. How much my lack of sleep during restless nights, and then the grogginess that followed the next day was due to me being a monophasic sleeper.

After a continued amount of research, I discovered that human beings throughout evolution had actually been polyphasic sleepers for much of the time. This alone fascinated me, and wondered how much the change in our current way of life changed the way we began to sleep. After the conversation, it did not take much thought until I decided that I was going to become a polyphasic sleeper.

The uberman schedule ultimately appealed to me highly, and especially after telling me he was a functioning person being on the out of the box schedule, it made me feel more confident about actually being able to adapt my sleeping schedule to do so.

It’s a pretty common sight to see a trucker on the side of the road. Sometimes we are just giving ourselves a break from driving, sometimes we are simply asleep, maybe we had to use the bathroom. Due to this simple fact of the job, the 20 minute naps were easy to find on my way to adapting.

For the first week of the uberman adaptation, I actually just decided that I would start off by sleeping for 20 minute periods every hour for 24 hours straight, until my body was adjusted and realized this was the period it would get to sleep. Those first two days, I hardly had the chance to sleep for the a portion of the 20 minute naps, but after awhile, I came to enjoy the sound of my alarm letting me know it was time to work up, and soon enough, I surely was able to adapt. I went for the uberman 24, to the uberman 18, and then to the 12 in a matter of 2 days, it was actually a fairly quick transition.

sleeping in forest

I was happy with my 12 naps per day, and it gave me a feeling of over-resting to be honest once I adapted. I stuck around to the uberman 12 schedule for a couple weeks and at that point, my life had already felt like it had changed. I was feeling more rested than ever, and there were way more periods in my day that gave me the chance to do my exploring. I wasn’t ever able to get too too far on explorations since I had to nap so often that it started to take out of my driving time, so I decided I wanted to push myself and get to that uberman 6 schedule and give myself the ultimate freedom that I desired to make the trucking trips a vacation every day.   Read more

How to Sleep Like an Uberman

“To sleep like an uberman, there are a couple of different routes to trick your brain and get it to adapt to these odd sleeping schedule. First, you must understand what the difference between monophasic sleep is, and what polyphasic sleep is. Monophasic sleep is the traditional style of us average working Americans that will work or go to school throughout the day, and sleep for one period during the night, usually an 8 hour period. Polyphasic sleep consists of 2 or more period of sleep during the 24 hour cycle of the day.

Some studies have shown that monophasic tend to be more tired than polyphasic sleepers due to having to stay awake for around 16 hours straight every day while polyphasic sleepers get the chance to sleep additional times during the day, albeit for a shorter period of time. When a monophasic sleeper sleeps during their one period of the day, some evidence has shown that they are in a state of very light sleep for about 70% of the time. The common polyphasic sleeper is in a deeper state of sleep and is usually able to fall asleep much faster.

trucker bed

Polyphasic sleepers are in many different types of cultures throughout the world. In fact, many European countries have adapted polyphasic sleeping as the pattern of choice in their cultures. Spain in particular, will usually sleep between 12am and 6 am, and then take a 90 minute nap in the middle of the day, around 1-4pm where businesses will often close up shop to align with the polyphasic sleeping routine of the people. But, the people in Spain are more of an energetic society, part of that is due to the culture, and some of that is due to their sleep schedule, as well as on average having an additional one and a half hours to work with in their days. Read more

Polyphasic Sleep Schedules

Going about my trucking lifestyle, I felt it was pretty essential to be getting my 14 hours on the road per day, and I was given about 10 hours a day to use how I pleased, and most people spent their time on break eating, relaxing, and of course, the most essential part of these long breaks, sleeping.

On my long breaks, I would spend about 7 hours of it sleeping while the other part of those 3 hours trecking out to the outer environments to see what kind of nature awaited me in each part of the states that I ventured throughout on my routes. These were the moments that I cherished the most, and the whole reason I got myself into the trucking business. There were not too many jobs, and still are not too many jobs where you can do a lot of traveling to various different states and have the chance to go out and explore what other kinds of animals, plants, and other organisms were out there and differed compared to the environments that you are used to.

exploring nor cal

One particular experience that actually helped changed what kind of life I lived happened when I was exploring some outer forest in Northern California. I was about 5 miles away from my truck, somewhat isolated when I ran into another person out in the middle of the forest. For some reason, it appeared he was just waking up from a nap and saw me approaching his area.

I said to him “I don’t run into too many people out on my explorations, what brings you out here, a nap?” He told me he was actually taking a break from cleaning area rugs and wanted to take one of his 6 naps out in peace in the forest, and it was something that he regularly did.

This intrigued me, so I continued with my line of questioning and asked, “6 naps, why do you take so many in the day?” Read more

Shipping and Exploring

Truck drivers live a totally different life than the majority of the population. Rather than work a 9-6 and settle down at your house and be able to unwind, our everyday lifestyle is work. The pay benefits can be greater than a job with the amount of skills necessary to work it, but it truly is another kind of experience.

I, like most truck drivers love the jobs. We do this job for different reasons than each other, but many who I talk to while out on the road, I find out that there is a common adoration for exploration. That really is the reason I got into truck driving.

I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, but every chance I got during my childhood, I spent it exploring the world around me. I always was a freethinking kind of mind, and I never considered sitting in a house, or any kind of building for that matter, so schooling was never a passion of mine, rather, my true self wanted to be checking out the rest of the environment rather than just my local towns and normal traditional city scape. I love to stumble upon different kinds of animals and insects that you normally did not see dwelling the cities. Once you step out to the true nature, away from all the areas that humanity has had a large influence on (which is a lot of them), you begin to really see what kind of nature is out there to be seen. Read more

The Peaceful Driving for Money

As I went through the education system, I always knew that I was not the brightest of minds of the best learner compared to my classmates, but I had always been one of the more adventurous of people. I loved spending my days after school frolicking through fields exploring what my small town had to offer and finding beauty wherever I could. I adored the act of exploration, and I likened myself to one of those early explorer types, like Louis and Clark, or Ferdinand Magellan. I had always felt that when I grew up, I wanted to see what else there was to be seen on this Earth.

After caring less about high school and having no aspirations to go to college, I was stuck at home trying to figure out what kind of career suited my habits best. That’s what led me to trucking. I lived near one of the main highways in Kentucky, and had always seen at all parts of the day, truckers driving the roads. It did not matter if it was sunny, cloudy, rainy,or snowing, there were truckers on that road, day and night. I recognized some of the trucks that were regulars on the highway by my house, and I begun to realize that there were basically two different categories of truckers. There were those that went somewhat local to the town, where they would start at one part of a city, drive around to many of the nearby cities delivering whatever was on their freight, and then they would return to wherever they started, and come back again for their next shift. Then, there were the trucker types who drove long distances across the nation, sleeping on the road, and waking up to go right back to work driving across the beautiful country of the United States.

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